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Thanks for going BEHIND THE CRIME SCENE. This is a true-crime podcast with retired FBI Special Agent Gina L. Osborn. We explore the human side of first responders, investigators and prosecutors and focus on notorious cases which have haunted crime fighters their entire careers.  Please subscribe to our podcast, so you don't miss an episode. 

Aug 1, 2020

It's January 15, 1974. Four members of the Otero family from Wichita, Kansas become the first known victims of Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK Strangler. Rader went on to kill a total of ten people, strangling, hanging or shooting his victims over a 17 year period.  He taunted the police by sending letters to them and the media detailing his killings. He enclosed personal items belonging to the victims. Rader as the BTK Strangler hid in plain sight from his family and community, eluding police while serving as the president of his church council and as a Cub Scout leader.