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Thanks for going BEHIND THE CRIME SCENE. This is a true-crime podcast with retired FBI Special Agent Gina L. Osborn. We explore the human side of first responders, investigators and prosecutors and focus on notorious cases which have haunted crime fighters their entire careers.  Please subscribe to our podcast, so you don't miss an episode. 

Jul 21, 2020

It's December of 1990. The United States is defending our interests in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. An espionage investigation is opened against Specialist 4 Albert T. Sombolay, a soldier stationed in Baumholder, Germany. Sombolay sold national defense information to the Jordanians and attempted to contact Iraqi government officials to volunteer as a spy on multiple occasions. During the sting, Sombolay told the UCO, whom he readily accepted as a Jordanian intelligence officer, that what he was doing was a “dangerous thing, very dangerous.” Sombolay continued that if “they catch me, I’m good for that day. It’s treason. It’s treason. They trusted me.” Sombolay pled guilty to aiding the enemy along with the two counts of espionage and two attempted acts of espionage.